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The long-awaited Kafka has appeared to be the character of Honkai: Star Rail

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Several Honkai fans were expecting to play the Kafka film when the movie was going to be shown. She has been seen from the storyline and to the creator of the Virtual Universe so far. Soon after, she was able to play a playing character. He can use a temporary banner with an increased chance, along with Luca, Serval and Sampo.

Kafkas abilities are the following:

A Forgiveness doesn’t have a relation to mercy (Technique) and attacks all enemies in the specified area, and after the start of the battle, inflicts electrical damage to all enemies. Inflict a Shock-like status on all sides for a few turns.midnight noise (Basic Attack) Inflicts electrical damage to the selected enemy.cruel tenderness (Talent) After an ally uses a basic attack, Kafka immediately does a bonus attack which will significantly damage the target with a good chance of inflicting a Shock-like status for several turns. The target is the target of a lightning strike and a lightning strike. If the enemy has a damage over time applied to them, the damage will take further time equal to a certain percentage of the initial damage.Twilight trill (superpower) Inflicts electrical damage to all enemies, and also has a chance to inflict Shock Status on targets for several turns and immediately deal them with equal to a certain percentage of the initial damage. A man with the Shock status gets periodic electrical damage at the start of each turn equal to a percentage of Kafkas’ attack power.

Together with Kafka, a companion mission related to her became available in the game.

You can buy Kafka as soon as the update 1.3 release. That means it will be up until August 30 in 2023. If you don’t have the time to do that, you’ll have to wait until the rerun.

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