The main character reveals more about the next game in an interview with Cerealkillerz


As of March 17, 2023, sequel to the critically and fan-acclaimed Jedi: Fallen Order we’ve known that since last years Game Awards, which were personally honored with a lightsaber from Monaghan. Some of you may know the actor from Shameless or Gotham who played the Joker, but for Star Wars fans, he’s been inseparable from his role as Cal Kestis since 2019. After we got lots of insights into Jedi: Survivor thanks to the trailer (e.g. new forces of power), the mime now talks with Game Informer in a short interview.

According to Monaghan, the universe is dark, and Kestis finding it increasingly difficult to survive and move on, without a safety net of friends, and having to make tough decisions. The film will push him emotionally to his limits, but should be accessible enough to give it to an audience that doesn’t require the understanding of the movies or the books in any order to comprehend. For all denhard fans, the plot is still deep references to the rest of the SW universe.


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