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The man dies over his PS5, after being saved by the earthquake during Morocco’s earthquake

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An interesting picture, reminiscent of a terrible news of a global earthquake last week in which a man went to the hospital with a PS5 in his hands in the middle of a street in Marrakech. Apparently, he was scared by the tremors and ran out of the house, but couldn’t leave the console behind. He was not identified, but certainly went viral on X. Curiously, the post was marked by a huge number of people saying they’d do the same.

Mysterious man is vicious in Morocco after saving his P5 smack.

According to a study released recently by the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior, the most likely image that will last is unlikely to be the demonstrative of love by gamers. That death toll has already grown to a thousand, on the other hand, the 1200 injured this morning. The United States Geological Survey said the earthquake covered 18,5 km (around 15 seconds). Over the last half of the country’s regions have been affected, but the number of fatalities and damage is still up.

Marrakes earthquake – A terrible disaster.

Some speculate the man might have been playing his PS5 when the earthquake started. So his first instinct was to run, but not without leaving the console with him. A stunning image of your favourite game shows the love for video games. It will not be a surprise for this disaster, but it will be a surprise.

Join me with this telegram.

I read a book that says that Evil 4 wins the Horror Prize 2023.

The number of users in Morocco is gaining interest in SM5.

Morocco has a very small island located in the heart of Spain and Portugal. As an attractive destination for Europeans and travelers from all around the world, it has a video game market that has got a growing growth, according to the Statista statistics. Currently, around 41% of the population plays, and the number predicted to rise to 44% in 2027.

The forecast is that for the next four years the annual growth will grow to 9,75%. This will result in the projection for the market volume of US$322 million during that period where the number of users of video games, such as the PS5, is expected to reach 17,5 million, from the more than 37 million inhabitants.


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