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The Microsoft Teams iOS app has added mixed reality-based spatial notes for employees

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Microsoft is adding a new feature to its Teams mobile app for iOS devices that was created specifically for frontline workers who use their smartphones to view and record items for their work.

in a blog postMicrosoft says the Teams iOS app can now support the use of spatial notes for employees who have a Dynamics 365 license. The feature is currently in public preview.

Typically, this type of mixed reality feature will be available in a standalone mobile app, such as Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Remote Assist app. However, Microsoft says that adding the feature to the Teams iOS app will not only allow employees to not use another app for this feature, but they can also use the collaboration features already in the Teams app.

Microsoft stated:

With the front-facing camera, users can share their view with remote participants, enabling real-time collaboration that relies on 3D annotations on physical objects to improve understanding.

Just like in the Remote Assist app, users can move and change angles without losing track of their notes anchored in their environment. This advanced level of interaction empowers mobile Teams users to share insights and reduce mishaps that can lead to rework.

Microsoft also notes that adding spatial annotations to the Team iOS app will also benefit company IT managers who will now have to manage fewer apps for their business or organization. They’ll also get better security thanks to Microsoft’s use of end-to-end encryption, data loss prevention, and more with the Teams app.

The new feature is available for companies and employees who have a Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Guides or Dynamics 365 Remote Assist license. The public preview of spatial annotations in the Teams iOS app is expected to become generally available sometime later in 2024. Companies and employees with Android phones will get this feature through the Teams Android app later this summer.

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