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The Miraculous Stone: The Origins of Genshin: How to Grab An Ancient Order: The Involvement of Miraculous Ore: How to Snatch an Ancient Ore

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The world quest of the legend of a stone, is from the ancient Xanthanny which in a quest of a hundred, all in a quest that will help the inhabitants of Merusi find his presents. Through the search, you are able to find a strange ore and use it to establish your own business in the capital of the hydro region.

We will tell you how to finish The Adventure of the Miraculous Stone, find Pukis gift, collect the Miraculous Ore, and how to do with the special clock – achieve the Modern Clock attainment in Genshin Impact.

How to start the Quest of the Wondrous Stone to start.

To start the Adventures of the Wonderstone quest, you must first finish the painting. Dreams. The Mechanical Dog is from a Blue-like Anguish called “The Heart and Moon,” which belongs to the Ancient Colors Cycle. As part of this quest, the area was quite nice. From the hidden teleporter whose location he was located, go north and take the stone that leads to Puku, who was saved earlier. Talk to him.

An overview of the Quest Adventures of the Miraculous Stone in the Genshin Impact Pass, the Guide to the Quest.

Puka is telling you that she lost her gift, which the Traveler need to find. During the search you can find an unusual ore.

Shooting in Pukistan.

Move to the south of a very beautiful place by the phone. You will find two large stone-crushing rift protogens: you need to deal with them.

Get up the ice cream that is sitting near the wall. Two items will be received a strange ore and a Pukis gift.

Take Puke his gift.

Move to the teleport of Merusi and go to Puka. After reaching Verenata, he dived into a deep lake and started to swim. Water floats can accelerate. You will eventually find yourself in the flooded area of the village.

Talk to Puka and give him a gift. In addition, a strange ore will be given to the Melusina. Puka is going to say that this stone has no value. It can’t be found in other places. It is scattered at all around the village. Paimon will offer to give a pound of gold to the city, and sell it to a friend.

Take the samurai from the jeweler at Cours-de-Fontaines.

Visit the Cours-de-Fontaine. Visit Nabone, where the jeweler is located. Pass the Debor Hotel and find the store you would like. Tell Chesil about his fantastic ore, and honestly he’ll admit he had never seen anything like that before. The man will offer to bring another fossil and pay in advance. Get 100,000 mora.

Talk to Puka.

Go back to Merusi village, where he can locate Puka and talk to the melusine. If you talk with her about selling her ore, you can tell them about it to the jeweler. Puka will mark some places on the map where you can extract this mineral.

Gather a vast ore of your choice.

Head to a very bright place; and from the Teleport, go along the west side. You must get to the red minerals.

Stand in order to conform the prism (small red crystal) to the ore. If you are on the edge of the prism, attack and, with an archer, you can escape the wave that will destroy the fossil.

Rub three ore deposits, pass them through, and collect the extracted resources in a single push. You will find 30 different things by the moment.

Take the Gathered Ore to Chesil.

For this a wonderful ore, take the route to Cours-de-Fontaine, and take the road to Naboney where you’ve previously talked to a jeweller. After reaching the desired capital store, ask Chesil.

Give the man promised gifts of goods. He will thank the partners and report that there’s no way the masters can process the ore at all. Chesil promises the Traveler the first decoration.

Go and watch the next game, then walk back to the man and talk to him. A jeweler would report that jewelry won’t come out of the heap, but an outstanding watch will come out. Because of its strength, hardened components are possible. In addition, when you’re going to speak, the man will tell you that the watch is waterproof and was originally designed for melusines. He will ask you to get the sample to Puke and tell him that the jeweler requests are from him. There are special hours.

Take the watch to Puke.

Take a trip back to the submerged area of Merusi village and chat to Puka. During this conversation, give her the watch while you explain Chesils’ intentions. This device works well even under water. Melusina will open her workshop, so that she can put up the clock. Get stronger rewards and rewards.

Achievement The appearance of modern clocks in Genshin impact

Help Puka get the achievement The Modern Clock begins. To do that, wait until Chesil is processing the ore and give it to the melusina. The achievement belongs to the section Wonders of the World section, and won’t bring 5 stone sources.


After the deal with Chesil, you’ll get the following rewards:

We hope that this article helped you find out how to get Pukis gift and what to do with that special clock in Genshin Impact. Follow all of Fontaine’s tasks through the walks for Genshin Impact in our website.

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