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The most effective chance is to claim these two gold games without any other gold games for free

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The month is coming to an end. The last opportunity for players to pick up the games that they were added at the beginning of December through the Games With Gold program. With Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, you still can play 2 games for free today such as Colt Canyon and Knights Quest.

Colt Canyon is a two-dimensional, rogue shooter available for use in the majority of the regions who will go for the oath in the Fall of games With Gold.

Colt Canyon

Colt Canyon is a double-assege shooter where you must kill a friend kidnapped by bandits. There is a dangerous path to make you go to the Microsoft store.

A Knight’s Quest is an adventure game that was offered in Japan in December, and instead of Colt Canyon. It’s not far from Japan (broadway below) but can be seen.

Knights Quest – Knights.

They’re just an epic adventure. Play as Rusty, a wonderful adventurer who accidentally brought his world to an end. Solve puzzles Go to the Microsoft store and see them.


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