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The network has a video of the alleged new model of the PlayStation 5 iPod

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Today, a video appears on the network showing the latest episode of the show, the upcoming episode.

The video posted in Better Way Electronics Twitter shows a case that can be a new PS5 model with the code CFI-2016. Of course, we don’t know whether this video is real or that someone made a fake, but insider Tom Henderson claims that what you see is similar to what you know.

The name PS5 Slim isn’t officially known, as you should remember, one of the products that Henderson has been introduced for a long time, and the product has now been shown in the last 24 hours. I know that all this is a fake. Henderson has himself said he can’t confirm the authenticity of the video, but what is shown on it matches his description from his sources. Of course, this could be because somebody created an elaborate fake based on all available data.

In fact, the case seems room for two USB-C ports, and this is a clear departure from the original design. On the subject of design, it doesn’t generally differ much from the console introduced in 2020.

The side panels seem different, with a slot that would make the current optional covers predictably incompatible. Interestingly, compared to the original design, the console doesn’t look much smaller.

Watch that video here and judge for yourself.

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced that as of June 30, the console sold more than 40 million units, with 41,7 million PS5 units being sold in retail.

In the same footnote, the manufacturer says it expects production costs to drop before the end of the fiscal year, partly due to a partial overhaul of the console.

We also learned that PS5 sales are slightly behind Sonys expectations, as it was achieved with the estimated goal of shipping 25 million consoles this fiscal year, but sales became increasingly popular in July thanks to large promotions.

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