The network shooter Escape from Tarkov Arena uploaded the photo of the movie


The development team of the multiplayer first-person shooter Escape from Tarkov Arena has revealed new screenshots of the game. These are presented during the last live broadcast in the studio of the Battlestate Games.

In total, the authors showed 8 screenshots of Escape from Tarkov Arena. On them you can see both the moments from the direct gameplay, as well as a camera that replays the murder, the main menu, the options of the arena and the map with a top view. It’s interesting to see that the table of players is available on the TV.

In Escape from Tarkov Arena, players will be involved in gladiatorial battles in different arenas of Tarkov, organized by a mysterious Arena Masters led by the Host. Discharged modes between PvP and PvE. As you progress, you can unlock new weapons and equipment, and owners of the original game can get unique benefits like the ability to transfer a character. For the new game Escape from Tarkov for 4999 rubles, the owners will get free. For the rest, the other can buy it separately.


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