The new city area, new skill, improved system, and a lot of weapons, adds a little more escape from Tarkov


Remember when escape from Tarkov said it added a new map to the game in 2020? You might know that this was the first feature, but now after a 2 year wait, the streets of Tarkov map has finally arrived as a very late Christmas present. Please wait for a second.

This new area is situated on the intersection of Primorsky Avenue and Klimov Street. It boasts many new urban areas where players can explore, fight and, most likely, die at an abandoned warehouse, an auto dealership and a supermarket, among other things. The new area is the first part of a larger city zone that will be expanded with more recent updates.

Tarkovs latest upgrades will include light, medium and heavy armor. With many new weapons as well as the new stimulant, a lot of changes will work on the repair kits, and the new PvE tools may make players more manage the risk of changing their spawns, the number of points of view, and the time of action, and better. Although this update may have been two years later, it certainly may have given players new things.

source: official site.


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