The New Interview shows that Street Fighter V was due to have Six Seasons


In an interview that released an update entitled Street Fighter for the 35th Anniversary, a lot of new info was released about the last title. In an article published by Game Informer, they decided to think about the entire franchise and show where it came from, where it was established, and where it’s headed with Street Fighter 6. Unlike the real-life version, SFV has a different viewpoint. According to the piece, current series director Takayuki Nakayama noted that previous director Yoshinori Ono planned to do six seasons worth of content for the game. Here’s a snippet from the article relating to the change.

Credit: Capcom.

Champion Edition also available for free to the owners of Street Fighter V. Street Fighter V course-corrected in many aspects, but Capcom decided to ditch the development before the original postlaunch content plan could be fully realized. “Street Fighter V was originally planned for six seasons, but plans ended up changing, and we were told that we could only make up for four seasons,” Nakayama says.

However, the community received the Champion Edition by chance, so that Capcom changed course again and announced a fifth and final season of content, which will be a final finish for the Street Fighter V saga and form the foundation for what’s going on next. Despite the change, before the first content arrived, Ono quit Capcom, ending a decades-long tenure.

It would have been interesting to see what would have come of these many seasons worth of content, but in the same way, the developers took the correct course of action with the Champion Edition. Perhaps that was a genuine turning point at the time, as well as attracting to a more large audience. We’ll see what happens with Street Fighter 6. But if any of what we’ve seen so far, it’s likely to be looking for an amazing show.


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