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The new launch trailer with the Atlas Fallen drops was released as the game was rereleased

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A few days ago, Atlas Fallen was finally released for PC and consoles and Focus Entertainment dropped a new trailer showing off it. The game officially came out on August 9th, meaning that action RPG brings about a new genre of story which’s been supercharged with magnificent powers. The trailer is basically a presumption of the limited edition, which is complete with a physical copy, a special box, a steel book, and a metal poster. You can play the game with the trailer, as you can.

A brand for Atlas Fallen, with the permission of Focus Entertainment.

Remove from the dust and liberate humanity from the oppression of corrupted gods. Glide the sands of a timeless land filled with ancient dangers, mysteries, and fragments of the past. In dazzling, super-powered combat, hunting legendary monsters with powerful, shapeshifting weapons and devastating sand-powered abilities. To shape your own custom playstyle, target the axiom of your enemies and gather the essence of it, forging a new era for humanity in a fully cooperative or grouping story campaign. Rise out of dust. Take advantage of the storm!

The heroic journey begins with a variety of breathtaking environments, and morphs into the desert landscapes of a massive sand-covered world. Explore ancient ruins and find the mysteries and secrets of the fallen society. Fight corrupt and magnificent beasts by the divine power of your shape-shifting weapon. Unlock powerful skills and abilities to build a unique moveset and become a champion who will liberate Atlas people.

  • Exhale the sands in a fantasy fantasy world.
  • Search the legends on the solitary or on-site basis of a friend and win in the strong battle.
  • Unleash your power to create deadly shape-shifting weapons.
  • Don’t forget the master of craft and art.

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