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The new Lies of P trailers show bright combat moments

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The release date for the action game Lies of P from Neowiz and Round 8 studio is approaching. The game is a bright follower of dark souls and Bloodborne. The main character of The Lies of P is the android Pinocchio, who defeats biomechanical enemies in a dreadful Victorian city.

To celebrate the release, the authors released a short but vivid teaser with different scenes. The big trailer for release is coming soon.

There is also a video showing the fight between those two bosses. Among them are ugly monsters and massive mechanical robots. In that video, the hero deftly blocks all attacks and delivers fast counterattacks. In reality, doing that will be a lot harder.

The book is on sale Sept 19th. The collectors of the Deluxe Edition can play a few days earlier. The game is available on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One, Switch X|S and PC.

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