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The new offer on the PS store is full of magic!

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As long as LEGO promoted the Return to Hogwarts promotion, the PlayStation Store provides the full discount of the PS4 and PS5.

In view of September 1, the date that marks the return of students to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the popular open world of the Avalanche house is actually the protagonist of a special promotion. From now on, lovers of the British wizard can get the Hogwarts Legacy at a discounted price, PlayStation Store.

The version PlayStation 5 of Hogwarts Legacy passes to five other gamers (74.99 Euro) and 52,49 Euro. The same price reduction applies to the PlayStation 4, a virtual reality version with Harry Potter theme. Finally, the Dark Arts Pack offers another promotion. Reduced by the same price as three hundred thousand dollars, this additional content costs from 17 euros to 13 cents. Below we know that the DMLC includes:

Thestral, Dark Arts cosmetic set, Access to the Dark Arts Combat Arena;

As soon as the new version has arrived, it won’t happen. The update will only last for a few days, which is originally scheduled for the day of Thursday 6, September. The new PlayStation Store Offer of the Week still remains an active offer.

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