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The new Outlook for Windows and the web can now embed and play Microsoft Stream videos

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Microsoft is adding new ways to insert videos into emails from its new Outlook app for Windows, along with the web version of Outlook. Specifically, these two Outlook platforms can now add Microsoft Stream videos to emails, along with videos uploaded to OneDrive cloud accounts.

Microsoft Stream, for those who may not be familiar, is Microsoft’s video streaming service created specifically for businesses and organizations to allow them to show videos to their employees.

B Microsoft 365 Insider blog postThe company stated:

Outlook now allows you to embed Microsoft Stream videos directly into your emails, allowing recipients to watch your videos without ever leaving their inbox. This seamless integration will increase engagement, ensuring your message is seen and understood by more employees across the organization.

People using Outlook on the web and the new Windows app version can fire them up and start a new email. So they can just put a stream share link in that email and it should appear inside.

Microsoft added that the new Outlook app and web updates also support attaching a video stored in your OneDrive cloud account to an email, or you can upload and share a video from your OneDrive account. In both cases, the video should be embedded in the body of the email.

If you do not want the video to appear in the email and would rather just display a link to this video, you can right-click on its name in the video player. You will then need to click Link stylesfollowed by the link Option to make it a link. You can also handle video permissions by right-clicking on the video.

For people using the classic Outlook Windows app, Microsoft says the Stream and OneDrive video ringing feature will be added to that app sometime in the near future.

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