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The new PS5 Pro rumours call it 4K ray-tracing monster

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This is only a fan-made render. However, the PS5 Pros design won’t likely deviate much from the original console (Picture: Concept Creator/LetsGoDigital)

There are all signs that suggest that the PS5 Pro address the problem of performance, therefore, being more efficient.

In the early days of this week, new rumors about a PlayStation 5 Slim emerged online, including video footage footage that shows it actually a minor redesign with a detachable disc drive.

While thats reported to be out this Christmas, there are still rumors of a more powerful PS5 Pro, expected to be released late 2024.

The solid leaker Tom Henderson shared several information and reports regarding how powerful it will be, from 8K resolution support, and there’s another rumour announcing it as a 4K ray tracing monster.

This comes from the YouTube channel RedGamingTech, which has had some hardware related rumours and leaks across PCs and consoles, and claims that it was among the first to leak the PS5 Pros Viola codename.

While Hendersons report says the codes and the consoles are based on Trinity, the primary chip which runs it is called Viola.

RedGamingtechs video is based on the information they have heard from their own sources and was not going to pretend we understand all the technical jargon, but in contrast, it looks as if Henderson is true of his claims (as long as he doesn’t know that he is an expert also).

As for the latest PlayStation 5, the PS5 Pro will be much more powerful and can play at a stable 60 frames per second and with ray-tracing, something Henderson implied but didn’t completely confirm in his own report.

As a reminder, that the PlayStation 5 is capable of managing 60fps and scanning at the same time for most games. That is why many titles have different graphics and performance options, where it is often preferable to the player, particularly if it is important to put that emphasis on a performance or a graph.

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Since supposedly it isn’t starting for quite a year, Sony will likely not have anything official to say about the PS5 Pro until 2024.

As mentioned earlier, the developers had argued that dev kits for the PS5 Pro were planned for the end of the year. I don’t make a surprise if further details were released soon.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales having the best graphics without sacrificing performance feels like the next logical step for a PS5 Pro (Picture: Sony) to hit the screen.

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