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The new Starfield Early Access date is already known

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The global release of Starfield is scheduled for the 6th of September, and the players who have purchased the standard version of the game and the Game Pass subscribers will have access to the project. But the game also enables early access for owners of all-original or rewritten versions of all-new versions of the Premium or Constellation editions, as well as Game Pass players who buy the appropriate expansion.

The Xbox app now displays the date and time of Starfield as part of Early Access. Players can play the game September 1 at 3:30 in Moscow. The standard version of the game will probably be released on September 6 at 03:00 Moscow.

The Game Pass subscribers can upgrade the standard Edition of the Starfiled game to premium. To do that, the Microsoft Store sells Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade for $34.99, but with Game Pass you can buy it a little cheaper for $31.49. The premium edition will also allow you to use the Shattered Space expansion, the Constellation skin pack, a digital artbook and the soundtrack.

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