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The Next Goal Wins Clip: Michael Fa-Sabbender Received a Warm American Samoan Welcome

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Searchlight has dropped a brand new Next Goal Wins clip for the long-delayed sports comedy Taika Waititis.

The video features Thomas Rongen with a warm welcome from the American Samoan soccer team. Thomas has the time to turn the world’s worst soccer team into champion.

What should I expect from Next Goal?

The 2014 British documentary is based on Mike Brett and Steve Jamison’s report, Next Goal Winses an underdog sports tale about the famous American Samoan soccer team who was very notorious for her terrible performance in 2001. In hopes of saving the team, coach Thomas Rongen tackles such a challenge that one would become FIFA World Cup qualified world’n worst soccer player.

Next Goals is directed by Taika Waititi, who created a screenplay with Iron Morris. He stars Michael Fasibender, Eli’abeth Mose and Will Arnett. Frankions Adams is the best-known actress in the world; Yvesh Khan/Chiro, Madonna (The Prince), Ayrefus Karuk, Saul Lourphetsky, Darren Aldrofitzin, Angus Sampockielen. It’s made by Garrett Basch of film-rites and Jonathan Cavendish, Imaginarium production. Brett was the lead actor with Archers Mark in it at time for this film festival last night!

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