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The next Minecraft Live streaming event has been announced for October 15th

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The team at developer Mojang has a few things they want to announce about their hit sandbox game Minecraft. Today, the developer announced that it will be holding its final Minecraft Live streaming event in just over a month from today.

in a blog postThe Microsoft-owned developer has announced that Minecraft Live will take place on the unusual date of Sunday, October 15. The event will begin at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (10:00 a.m. Pacific Time).

Mojang hasn’t offered many details about what might be revealed during Minecraft Live. It did say that we can expect the event to last about an hour and that we can expect news updates not only from the center Minecraft game, but also the recently released action strategy spin-off game Minecraft legends.

Earlier this year, Mojang released its latest free content update for Minecraft. The 1.20 update, better known as the Trails and Tales update, included the addition of new “mobs” like the Camel and the Sniper, along with a new Cherry Orchard biome, the new Bamboo Tree set, and more. The update also included native Chromebook support for Minecraft.

Mojang has also released a number of paid DLC expansions for MinecraftIncluding ones based on Pixar’s Incredibles movies and one based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Recently, the ratings boards in Germany and the US released new records for the original Xbox Series S and X version of Minecraft. However, Microsoft eventually downplayed those listings, claiming, “This latest rating is not indicative of new versions or platform support for Minecraft in the near future.”

Of course, there is also the long development Minecraft movie. Warner Bros. has been developing the film version for several years. Before the Hollywood writers and actors strike happened, she set an April 4, 2025 release date for the film. However, the date may be pushed back again as these strikes continue.

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