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The number of Fallout 76 players has reached 13,5 million

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Bethesda has published statistics for its multiplayer RPG shooter, with a strong visual element of survival in Fallout 76. Thanks to it, it became known that the total number of players at the moment is 13,5 million. To compare, this figure was 11 million at the end of 2021, a time when another 2,5 million people were joining the project.

In total, players have completed over 5 million expeditions and almost nine million daily operations. The number of SCORE points earned is 204,358 776,288. In total, the residents of Vault 76 spent 48 260 495 334 calfs, and the most purchased item, excluding cartridges, was Mr. Fuzzys dog tag.

It’s a complete and complete history of statistics.



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