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The official ceremonies are probably the weirdest crossover yet

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Persona fans can finally get the destination wedding they’ve always dreamed of, all the way through the Velvet Room. Persona and Tensei have all the more crossovers, among which they have some more games and more property. If you look like Hatsune Miku in one of the Persona dance games, or if the Joker dug it out with other iconic Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros, the weirdest crossover to date would be a wedding service fusing with your one and only way.

The Japanese wedding service Escrit will work with Persona and ATLUS from Febree 3, 2023 to March 30. This collaboration, aptly titled Welcome to the Velvet Room Party! includes a buffet, photo spots, and limited merchandise for all of the mad People fans. Moreover, when the team can adapt one persona game, the collaboration will easily refer to Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Gold and Persona 5 Royal. (Real your heart for my other persona 1 & 2 fans.)

Still not exactly what the wedding spot is, apart from a vague view of a Velvet Room setting. I would like to know which Velvet Room I’ll be dining at or getting hitched at. If I can choose between a perpetual elevator, a limousine or a literal prison, I think I’d go with a long car that at least predates a night of romance. This collaboration makes any sense from an aesthetic perspective, compared to the fancy fashion that you see in the Persona franchise.

This collaboration will last for March, and if your honey is a genius Persona fan, then you’ll have the chance to learn the Persona series, which will release on January 19th, the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox One, and PC. Look at this official website.


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