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The original editing of the text part of the full localization of Psychonauts 2 is still alive and is approaching the final phase in its interpretation

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Today, the Bullfinch team localisation team announced on social networks they had reached the finish line of proofreading and editing the text for complete localization of Psychonauts 2: it’s overcome the 90% mark. The team believes that the remaining 10 % are just over 1800 cells.

The team in the post added a few words to the full of fans, like the text, the texture, the 3D and the voice acting scene.

Please give support, and please leave any words for you for the final step, and immediately after it becomes so beautiful that we will be able to work on the remainder of the construction. It’s because you and us, our beloved subscribers, motivate and feedback are the strongest engine for progress.

On this note, we leave this post and proceed to get into the KIR.

The Bullfinch team, with love to all who still wait for a full localization of Psychonauts, is the only one that does not even join the sluggish team.

Psychonauts 2 is an actual game with unbelievable psychic capabilities, and mysterious stories, elegant, spectacular and with great humor. The protagonist must take the dangerous labyrinth of enemies in order to defeat this cruel psychic villain. That game was created by Double Fine Productions and published by Xbox Game Studios.

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