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The original podcasts of Apple may be advertised by the advertising revenue from Apple

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Apple is reportedly trying to get the idea that its original podcasts would become available for public use.

The idea that Apple could sell advertising on original podcasts is discussed in part, mainly those connected to its Apple TV+ shows like The Line’n Hook and Run with Bambi, etc.

Apple has kept its free original podcasts ad-free up until now. Apple has a season sponsor for its soccer-themed podcast, After the Whistle. This isn’Teen The Winder says that it does not have liars with its TV programs because you don’ve got other children on your side: and this is also regarded as a different category from what apple did when it was in store to do them play games like these three songs).

The move could bring in the company to generate revenue on podcasts that were solely justified as IP play and attract more listeners.

Apple moved into original podcast production because Spotify was late to a fallout from the extensive expansion of its digital markets. Spotify was acquiring popular podcast shows and making them exclusive to its platform, giving them a threat in the voice of Apple’s dominance.

The tech giant wants to grow its members by allowing subscriptions for App Store’d podcast on iOS 17.

On the other hand, adding ads may draw backlash from users who prefer ad-free experience. The tech giant may also face an issue on the privacy of users and ads. Apple has been vocal about protecting its users’ data and limiting third-party tracking. But podcasting often rely on IP addresses to deliver customized ads for listeners.

Ad-Enabled Original podcasts are something Apple is actively exploring. Consequently, it remains to be seen whether and when ads are going on the platform.

Source: Bloomberg.

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