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The Player discovers Baldurs Gate 3 uses a RGB Interaction with all of the boxes

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Though Baldurs Gate 3 has plenty of stories about its freeform gameplay, and the way of the fun players have become, one player has highlighted an interesting feature with its RGB and the very popular title.

This is, from the developer point of view, that certain RGB keyboards can work together and react with Baldurs Gate 3, with additional flair and lighting changes.

RGB Keyboard Reacts to Baldurs Gate 3 Casting Spells and Ice Rolls.

Image to Larian Studios.

The Reddit user with the name u/lunchanddinner simulated this discovery, with a 30-second video showing this cool feature while performing different actions during the Baldurs Gate 3 game.

In the video, we see the RGB ambiguity on a number of occasions. The first being the user who rolled his die for an intimidation check, while gaining success with his successful roll causing his setup to glow and light up blue together with the game. The next time the user puts out a fire bolt, with the keyboard and the light taking on a red hue before and as he cast his spell. For one more gentle use, the number is light up and then the whole keyboard turning into a loading bar, with the keyboard as well as the left and right as a progress bar.

BG3 has built-in RGB interactions in BaldursGate3 by u/lunchanddinner in BaldursGate3.

The user told me they noticed it during a critical failure, which caused their setup to go blood red. This added more insult to injury.

It is important to mention that this seems to only work with Razor keyboards with full RGB chroma control, as in the case of other users who have hardware like Logitech and Corsair, the results don’t seem to be as true as their setup. This seems for users who are on the right gear, so check when you are going to leap.

Other parts in Baldurs Gate, players got creative with their builds and gameplay, with WWE Owlbear attacks, summoner build, and a devastationd monk build to name a few.

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