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The PlayStation 5 has crossed a huge sales milestone between 2023 and 2023

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Sony has shared the latest sales figures for its flagship PS5 console with Sony fans. Although there’s no one in the store, there are a lot of them that have been sold.

During the talk in the PlayStation, more than 30 million PS5 units have sold since the release of the device back in October. This new generation console was the biggest month for the game, October 2022. It gave a massive sales push.

Although thirty million consoles have become sold, the number could be much more easily lowered if production constraints didn’t persist. Sonyalongside all the biggest console developers have struggled to buy their devices.

This continuous semiconductor shortage has limited the quantity of PlayStation 5 consoles on the market and made getting one of these a lot more difficult for potential purchasers. Fortunately, in 2022, the wait times of snatching your device have drastically reduced to the point where if youre lucky enough you can get some back and forth on the shelves.

With 30 million sales, the PS5 has outsold both the original Xbox and Atari 2600 and is gearing up to step up the ranking. The device has a vast amount of ground to cover if it wasn’t for Sony’s recent PlayStation 4 device with a massive 117 million units sold, making it the fourth most successful console of all time.

Look at its key competitors, the Xbox Series X|S is going ahead a substantial amount of times behind Sonys PS5 rivals. The Switch, which was on the market since 2017 as its main competitor, has been the PS5s. In fact, this handheld has benefited from much and much of the move, now moving more than 114 million devices.

The PlayStation 5 is promising, so it remains to be seen how well the Sony device is worth the leap.

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