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The Pokemon Company could revolutionize livestreams of Pokémon TCG by doing a tracking machine

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If you want to experiment with competitive trading cards, you’ve probably complained or heard that a person complains about how difficult it is to keep up with physical play when watching another player live. The big TCG event is a perfect topic to watch because of this matter. With regard to the broadcast of matches, it seems like The Pokemon Company is not looking at the situation, but it’s an indication that the company does the right thing for the game.

The patent was filed in April 2019 and is granted in May 2022, and was credited with credit to the TPCi software Quality Manager Paul Grimes, and specifically mentions tagging card sleeves with RFID tags; allowing for easy information mapping for all decks of playing cards. There are many benefits, but the main issue in the patent is the production of real-time strategy information related to a game. This is a way the usual camera can barely capture it.

It would also likely allow the technical team of TPCis to streamline its broadcasts with less camera and monitor angles, while also opening the door to new visual packages with the enhanced real-time info.

In the patent itself, diagrams show exactly how RFID readers would be executed through the use of card sleeves and transmitted between a reader, a computer and a camera to share details about each particular card. Here’s a brief breakdown.

Image of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Photo through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Find the affixed sleeve of each deck affixed to the tag value.
  • Repeat the capture for tag values once a player draws their cards.
  • Compare the first and second values to determine which tags are missing from the deck.
  • Identify card drawn from the deck on the basis of comparison.
  • You can generate a product-looking information strategy by comparison.
  • Output information

This process explains the system, and limits the actual image capture; and the patent contains much more detailed figures that you can view yourself if you want to break them down.

As it is presently, this is likely something TPCi and its partners have worked on for years to strengthen their stream of power for the Pokemon TCG through information gathering.

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