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The Pokemon Scarlet and Elden Ring cross over with a ridiculous fan mod

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It’s no secret that Elden Ring hit the biggest hit of the year. And with that kind of popularity it is no surprise that the game has a flourishing modding community, too. Those modes come in a wide range of styles, from nuanced modifications to complete overhauls. Although a recently revealed reskin from Arestame is just simple to say. You can ride the lands on this amazing Pokémon Scarlet mod.

Of course the reskin didn’t have to make Torrent into a rideable Pokemon Koraidon, but a whole new team was able to transform your own character into a weird shadow of a Pokemon trainer. However, all these changes go into fruitless fashion. There are quite a few different Pokemon just wandering around the world, from the herds of Smolives, stray Quaxlys to the very concerned-looking Lechonk. Theres even a giant Magma Wyrm reskinned to look like Skeledirge. To top it off, the walking Mausoleums appear to be giant walking Pokestops.

While these games aren’t always focused on opposite sides of the spectrum, such a mashup is probably more interesting to consider a similar feature as Elden Rings a summoning mechanic. And while the teaser did not include much footage of spirit summons, it’s pretty clear that you can summon in some versions of Black Knife Tiche that looks a little like Meowscarada.

At the moment of writing, search on Arestames page on Nexusmods wont make up any searches for Elden Ring x Pokemon Scarlet. I can’t argue whether this means he is coming soon or even he’s taken down. Despite the recollection of the trailer, we still have the outrageous trailer.

The Elden Ring X Pokemon Scarlet is here. From Paldea to the land between, take a turn to #Pokemon!

Arestame (@Arestame-Arkeid) December 28, 2022.

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