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The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are coming from the Pseudo-legendary Pokémon Hydreigon and Dragapult Tera Raid

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There have been a lot of events starting at the launch of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in November. The first battle of the Tera Raid is Charizard. The devs have already brought in two pseudo-legendary Pokemon in a previous event. And officially, it has been announced that more pseudo-legendaries are getting a Tera Raid Battle event. Consequently, with liar and salmence in each other, trainers will be able to fight Hydreigon and Dragapult. Both Pokemon share the dragon-type, with Hydreigon being also dark-type and Dragapult being ghost-type.

Serebii update: The next Pokemon scarlet & violette furrow will be announced. Features Hydreigon in Pokemon Scarlet and / or Dragapult in Pokemon Violet. Runs from January 6th through January 8thhttps://t.co.gDbXkHT3ar pic.twitter.com/X8td7eUi50

Serebii.net (@SerebiiNet) January 2 2023.

If you have Pokemon Scarlet, it will be able to fight the Hydreigon virus. If you are fighting the Pokemon Violet for this event, it will be valid from January 6 to January 8. However, there has not been an announcement that these Pokemon should be made again in the future so you will want to get your hands on them while you can. The event is going live shortly before the second run of Cinderace’s Tera Raid battle will take place from March 13 to January 15. Make sure that you don’t miss both of them while they go live.

Even if the two Pokémon got involved in the four- and five-star battles, this is a way of giving them a chance to compete in the four- and five-star battles. This means the event should be much easier than the previous Charizard and Cinderace events. Keep an eye on the hidden abilities that these Pokemon have. Since Hydreigon is always guaranteed to have the Levitate hidden capabilities, Dragapult can have the Cursed Body with the others.

Although there were many announcements of events happening, there was no denying that there was a DLC possible for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Since we’re in 2023 now, we’ll likely announce it in the coming months. Hopefully there are multiple expansions that will help expand the area of Paldea to further the exploration.

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