The Pokemon TCG: The Silver Tempest part 27, Dratini Line


In November 2022, Pokemon TCG released the finale sequence of the Sword and Shield era. The extension, Sword and Compounding Silver Tempest, took place on September 9th, 2022. This set is the twelveth set under the “sword & tyre”, and works with the Japanese setIncandescent Arcana and Paradigm Trigger – with its Trainer Gallery subset, and adapts card from the VRMAX Climax. The Sword & Shield Silver Tempestalso continued Radiant Pokemon as well as the Trainer Gallery, a unique subset of characters, Super Rares, Full Art Trainers, and Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars. Follow me on a journey through this new set to see how we enjoy the artwork and discuss the card’s place in the set, and determine what certain elements of the expansion might have done for the future of the Pokemon TCG. Today we enter the Dragon and Shield cards in Silver Tempest.

Silver pens! Credit: Pokemon TCG

The Dratini evolution line begins with an adorable cartoon-looking Dratini from the artist kurumitsu. In this image, the use of color, Dratini rendered with thick line art, and the background does not require black lines. The effect of this colour helps to make the Pokemon happen. Dratini turns a graceful, serpentine dragonaire into an elaborate, rich and frog. This draconic evolution form is curled up in a frozen water bed. Finally, the line is created with a beautiful, pensive holographic dragonte by Naoyo Kimura, who depicts this final form floating over a seafront. Since the time of Wizards of the Coast, Kimura has become a member of the hobby, and gave his first contribution to Southern Island special collections.

Keep up the journey through this Lugia and Alolan Vulpix themed set, and bring the cards and artwork of Pokemon TCG: Sword and Shield Silver Tempest to lighten up the tyrant. Next time, the focus of this expansion is strong.


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