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The power switch makes an appearance easy on the online calculator

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In a long time, the Tesla Model Y standard autonomy with two motors was confirmed all over the Atlantic. Let’s check in.

Texas Gigafactory // Source: Tesla.

The Tesla Model Y has a hit in 2022, everywhere it is sold. In Norway, it has already reached a record of fifty years and became popular by now. For instance, Tesla models Y and the Tesla model lowered the price of the vehicle’s price in France at the end of the year. As we hear, the source code of the internet configurator seems to be familiar with the US and has recently arrived.

That’s the new Tesla Model Y.

We spoke with you in November last year, particularly after the release of documents relating to the approval of the new model of the Tesla Model Y by the American environmental agency: that’s actually confirmed. The source code of the online configurator has been modified across the Atlantic to incorporate the Tesla Model Y standard Autonomy, with all-wheel drive.

A jargon specifically for Tesla means that the Tesla Model Y Propulsion that we know today in Europe will be available in a version equipped with two different machines: one at the front and one at the rear. which is currently in place.

This will allow for the use of the rear wheels to all-wheel drives, for faster performance and easier handling, especially for customers. Tesla also has a disadvantage with this model, which has a higher price to produce it, reducing its margin compared to the Tesla Model Y Propulsion model.

Photographs of the Berlin Gigafactory // Source: Tesla.

In the source code appears the cost of this version of 61,990 dollars or 58,000 euros approximately (excluding taxes). For comparison, the Tesla Model Y Propulsion when offered in the United States cost 59,990 (56,000 euros), then more than just 2,000 euros for a second motor. This US version is made only in Texas, and the original variant will be used in two engines.

The range isn’t known yet, but, if it follows the usual Tesla lifestyle, expect an improvement. In fact, integrating a second engine means a less eloquent weight of the vehicle and a slightly higher consumption.

The latest Tesla Model Y manufactured at the Gigafactory in Texas has a 445 kilometers range (EPA standard) with a battery equipped with 6080 cells. The next few weeks will certainly reveal more info on this Tesla Model Y which could replace quite simply the Propulsion version which is still available today.

If the Tesla brand attracts you, but you have trouble finding the different versions available, this guide is for you. Learn more about how the different vehicles in the range are available.

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