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The PS5 and Xbox One X are the ugliest games ever Readers Feature

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A reader hopes the PS5 Slim will undergo a significant redesign, as he accuses this generation of consoles of being the ugliest.

In previous generations, the Slim model of the PlayStation has been a somewhat minor thing, with the risk for a price drop being the main source of interest. It’s always cool to see how Sony does redesign them, but that’s usually a side benefit. Even though the last reason for the production of a PS5 Slim is this generation is the most important one, since the PlayStation 5 is an ugly electronics slab.

As I was in much love, the PlayStation 5 got very much done with pictures. It was something else to just another black box, and I liked the colour scheme. Now I saw how big it was, and suddenly it turned out to be a bad idea. I ended up getting one anyway and the matter really got worse when I discovered that in order to lay it horizontally, you must put it on that rickety stand that makes the whole thing a little numb like a nodding dog when you touch the actual console.

Not that what is about that design is relevant for me, especially since it has a massive fan. I don’t know why this is necessary, as it doesn’t need any of this kind of stuff from the Xbox Series X, which is actually stronger. Unfortunately, its just not as bad, so it’s the same way, its the same way that I did.

It’s not really the PS5 Slim that made me first want to write about it about it, it’s because I went to the sisters and because her kid had his PlayStation 5 out in her bedroom, and I realized how enormous and difficult it was. It could look bigger than the TV, but when you see it out on its own it appears really big.

Then, he came round a mate house who has a X-Player, and he stands in the corner vertically. I was inspired by my previous PC 5 watching so that he would turn it on its side and put it under the TV in the kind of setting-up I would have at home if I had one. And what do you know? The death of death is well-dead!

It’s not as bad as the PlayStation 5, but I’ll give you, but we made it out and put it on the table, and it really is an awkwardly shaped lump of plastic, so it doesn’t look like a fridge just a slab of rock, without a try of making it look pleasing to the eye.

This is truly the ugliest version of consoles ever. I don’t think that the PlayStation 5 has the greatest repulsiveness of the American SNES (and the Atari Jaguar toilet seat design if connected to the CD player, but no one remembers that).

PS5 Slim is 2 inches shorter than the original mode and seems weird.

Games Inbox: Has the PS5 slim been more comfortable?

Many PS5 first party exclusives delayed an admission to Sony.

At least the Mega Drive and European/Japanese SNES looked nice, so the entire generation was a disaster. This switch came out of the ugly tree, but it was cut down, made a baseball bat out of the it and smashed the console with ten shades of grossness.

If you say it doesn’t matter it is all in a matter but they’re both so big it’s a real problem. I just hope the PS5 Slim is back to being a black box. It may be boring, but at least you can keep your dinner low while glaring in the flesh.

According to the reading: Pippin.

The American SNES is a gaming console (like Nintendo) and is an elephant-like game.

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