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The publisher of Untitled Goose Game will release an existential game about the transience of life Time Flies you need to control a fly in this game

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In the presentation for the Panic Games Showcase 2023, the publisher announced that it will release Time Flies, an existential game from the Swiss Playables studio about life’s transience.

Photo Source: Panic.

Time flies users will become role models of flying (fly in English), which in a short period of time to which she’s life has extended, must complete a number of tasks.

You can learn to play a musical instrument, read a book, become rich, drunk, and smile with someone’s face. If you don’t feel like doing anything productive, this game will let you do the same thing: clean your wings, listen to music and watch television.

The announcement of the Panic-Playables partnership entitles the 42 second Time Flies trailer. The trailer was unveiled in the Panic Games Showcase in 2023 by design designer Michael Frei.

Frey, best known for his work on indie games Kids and Plug & Play, is one of two different creators at Time Flies. The programmer Raphael Munoz has his second component.

The developers promise a custom-built, meticulously detailed world, dozens of unique and non-obvious tasks, a huge array of fascinating techniques, which can die and die wonderfully correct fly flight flight physics.

Time Flies is set to release in 2024 on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. The page on Valves service lists only English language support, but with the help of Panic, the localization list will probably expand.

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