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The Python Machine Learning Certification Package is only $1

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See how today’s AI innovations tick with 8 expert-led courses

Today’s featured deal comes our way Online courses Section of Neowin Deals storewhere you can 99% savings about it Machine Learning in Python Certification Suite.

Your programming toolbox wouldn’t be complete without Python. Whether you’re looking to work in data analytics, machine learning, or web development, this course will guide you through using Python to solve a myriad of programming problems. You’ll dive into Python loops, data structures, functions, and more to help you perform basic programming tasks and confidently apply these skills to real-world scenarios. Upon completion of this course, and all the courses included in the package, you will also receive a certificate of completion that verifies your new skills! This is especially useful for including on your portfolio or resume so that future employers can feel confident in your skill set.

  • Access to 28 lectures and 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Start with zero Python experience
  • Improve your understanding of loops, data structures, functions and classes
  • Explore popular Python libraries and web scraping
  • Find out what it takes to write a real Python app
  • including confirmation of completion


Here’s the deal

It Machine Learning in Python Certification Suite Normally costs $799.92, but you can pick it up For only $1 For a limited time, that’s a savings of $798.92 (99%) off. For specifications, terms and guide details, click the link below.

Machine Learning in Python Certification Package only $1

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