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The ravage of an earthquake spreads around the world

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When COVID-19 began, you almost knew there were films that helped hide the panic and fear of a pandemic. These films were of course conceived and so the better they had to come from the time they arrived, focused on the human element. Isolation, loneliness, some sort of thing. It is understandable that many have avoided tackling a straight-up pandemic story.

And then Steven Soderbergh and Scott Z. Burns cooked up an alarming ode to the horrors of the killer virus nearly a decade earlier. Prescient and haunting, it was almost always surprising that people flocked to it once again in the earliest days of COVID-19.

Contagion was released on this day in 2011, and when it was discovered, its scientific-heavy take on the consequences of an airborne virus seemed rather fanciful. Even though parts of the world were suffering from severe epidemics that afflicted a lot of scary attention to the countries still not truly affected by them.

In the case of Infection, a woman returns from a business trip to Hong Kong and dies from the flu-like infection. Then her young son died the same day. The womans husband seems to be immune.

Ensemble cast accentuates Contagions Paranoia and Fear.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Soderbergh makes a beautiful and terrifying use of his ability to wrangle the group together in these early moments. The film features Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet, Bryan Cranston, Laurence Fishburne and Elliot Gould among its stars. Soderbergh stacks the deck, pulling a massive actor’s death to the point where he was still alive. There’s no better way to warn everyone from the moment they arrive. Even being immune makes people from suffering because of the unexpected death of loved ones.

This is our start to the pandemie where the airborne virus wreaks havoc. The doctor’s office soon learned that the virus is a serious infection. They scramble against the clock to find a cure for the virus and to identify its cause.

As for worldwide incidents, increasing demand for such incidents will cause widespread unrest and panic. As far as we know, a response is not easy enough to get the impact out of it.

Soderbergh dipped into horror in his storied production, the most famous in 2018, Unsane, and will fall into it for his forthcoming film Presence. Yet the coldly clinical science of Contagion is perhaps the most clever use of it in his filmography.

Watch the show against contagion.

Yes, Contagion plays to the extremity of the spectrum. That is exactly the reason it acted as strange comfort in the early days of the real world pandemic. The situation is a little too bad, but it could be a lot harder. At that time, the parallels between reality and fiction were eerily close.

Unfortunately, life isn’t as complicated as fiction. Reality proved that it could come up with its own disturbing twist on how people actually act in a pandemic. Could Soderbergh predict anti-masker?

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