The recent Black Desert Mobile 3 Year Anniversary update was huge


The Pearl Abyss Black Desert Mobile team had hard working on an important update during Christmas. It was intended to meet the needs of veteran players for more challenges. Sahazad invites top players back in the desert region to play with tougher monsters, high rewards and a faster way to travel.

Here’s a brief look at what is really possible in terms of content.

The Great Desert : Sahazada?

When the best player takes advantage of the highest level (Imur) and intermediate level (Torme) levels, it’s now possible to get caught out in Sahazad. They can fight with others and face tougher monsters who promise more rewards and wealth. A player may have access to rare items by asking for a wandering merchant or finding treasure chests.

Dream horse: Dine!

Dine, a tall white horse with a Golden Mane, is the second game of a doom race. Dine carries much more vehicles than elephants and camels. Players can use Quantum Leap to talk to a black stone in the desert.

Rune Enhancements

Last but not least, for the first time in the three-year history, players can run their collected runes across the game to gain power even more.

After the Calpheon Ball, ended the year, Black Desert Mobile celebrated its third birthday in mid-December. Since the launch, more than 21 million characters have been created for the mobile MMO — and 40 classes have been released. This game is going to be the fourth year of its kind with the expansion The Great Desert: Sahazad, the Dream Horse: Dine, and other gameplay updates on Wednesday, January 28th.


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