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The report published in terms of financial information on two new games commissioned by Metroid Dread studio

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After the release of Metroid Dread, the Spanish-based developer Mercury Steam is fueling anticipation with a number of new unannounced titles.

Metroid Dread set a really high score for the next franchise to live up to.

Mercury Steam, recognized for its history, has sounded positive on both critics and fans.

Recent financial reports from Northisk Games, which hold a minority stake in Mercury, describe the developer’s involvement in two big and unknown titles. This is in line with the previous revelations that, back in 2021, Mercury Steam was working on an action RPG with 505 Games in a dark, unrivalled fantasy universe. The name is believed to be Project Iron. This title is owned by the legends of the project’s Numeral, which has estimated revenues of 27 million (about 30,7 million dollars), which could easily balloon based on the current climate.

The Spanish developer MercurySteam is currently working on two big, undisclosed titles, according to Nordisk Games Financials, which owned a 40% stake in the studio.

Mercury Steam is best known for the Castlevania Lord of Shadow and Metroid Dread 2021.

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Considering the previous meetings of Mercury Steam, especially their innovative work with Nintendo, there’s a lot of speculation about the nature of the second unannounced game.

Is this a new chapter or perhaps a continuation of the Metroid-inspired series? Dread has become the best selling game of Metroid in its history, selling more than three million copies worldwide, and the legacy left behind by Metroid: Samus Returns and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, these expectations don’t seem far-fetched.

Mercury Steam’s relationship with Nintendo has taken the spotlight in recent years. The CEO of MercurySteam described their partnership with Metroid Dread as a “game-changing experience.” MercurySteam is the only one to have an actual prototype of the next Nintendo console.

Many fans still wonder whether Mercury Steam could have had a chance to do a third Castlevania game following the mixed reception of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

Beyond sales figures, Metroid Dread created an indelible mark in terms of its narrative depth, particularly the exploration of Samus Aran’s relationship with the Chiozo. Everyone’s so vocal about their wishes for a new metroid from Mercury Steam.

Even if Mercury Steam isn’t working on new Metroid games, the fact that Metroid Prime is scheduled as a launch title for the new Nintendo platform, it’s a fire to hire them to do something special. Those are actually watching the idea that the developer was taking control of other classic franchises like StarFox, which has remained unpopular in recent years.

Mercury Steam’s history is consistent with the old franchise itself. Their games don’t just ride on nostalgia, they reinvent and rejuvenate them for the present audience. A studio’s ability will be strengthened by the fact that Samus Returns and Dread were recognized as outstanding entries in Metroid lineage.

Mercury Steam likes to do unusual things and make them work.

The developer’s dedication and a metacritic score of 88 for Dread makes it clear that audiences are resonating.

Mercury’s future looks really good for this steam machine. The excitement for the next project in mind as they look forward to its next project. Because of his success with iconic titles, and their collaboration with 505 Games on a fantasy title, the gaming community has a close eye on their next steps.

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