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The resemblance of the Scars Above: between tradition and the future – the evocative universe: from the truth of history to the truth of truth

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The creators of Scars Above want to make up this holiday season, so that their sci-fi titles can be revised using catastrophic suggestions. Mad Head Games will be released on February 28 only in digital version on older-generation consoles, but also in physical version for current consoles and the players will immerse themselves in a shooter where mental flexibility is the most important resource at their disposal.

We went to the Balkans to test the team and talk with the rest of the team, to let them know the concepts that guided them and the ambitions behind the project.

History and future will be an interesting question.

The room with the complex of Belgrade fortress welcomes visitors to the video games tour, a room filled with porous stone arches and decorated with numerous sketches, which allow us to study the creation of scenarios and creatures in Scars Above.

The thick fog that cloaks the unknown planet that Kate and the Scar team will fall upon obscures the entrance into this historical environment, a snapshot of Serbia’s past that looks at the future of the medium and the developer of Mad Head Games who climb the stage to the event, and let us watch the Scars Above trailer a few hours before the Game Awards audience. After making us admire Kate’s motivation for reasoned shooting, the creators of the game took the floor to describe this third-person action-adventure title, with overcoming all these difficult and difficult situations. The fundamental idea is based on the desire to avoid fear and curiosity, without the hope that one will find the unknown with the science. A alien object appears on Earths orbit, for this is the scar team formed and with the task of studying the silent invader together.

Like in any science fiction novel, something goes wrong. The protagonist, Kate Ward, finds herself in a remote world and separated from the rest of her colleagues. Taking a look at them, the woman begins studying alien aliens, without having to take an alternative to alien planets. She will encounter a hostile flora and fauna against which she has little chance in combat.

Kate isn’t the typical shooter commando, she lacks strength and speed, so that she can survive. The researcher will find the remains of an ancient alien civilization, and to reveal the mystery of the life of her team and the future events of the world that the hostesses is having.

A classic has been read again.

Many sci-fi works are built on a open storyline and will often leave no answers; however, developers assure us that the game will have an original story with a concrete conclusion. A single interpretation of Scars Above is done to simplify the description.

The work follows a classic classic style, such as finding yourself lost on a planet – or an alien which is both scary and beautiful, but hides twists that the authors hope will surprise. During exploration, we will examine many different biomes, such as the marshy area or the dungeons that present in the more advanced stages (and even far stranger places that they didn’t want to avoid), and with the addition of a unique type of human being, a species of human nature, a species of organisms and a variety of dangers, a complex species of animals and a unified ecosystem amidst various different challenges adventured by the new phase. According to the developers, Scars Above will be a challenge title, and that is because the protagonist isn’t a soldier, so they wanted to give the impression of fighting horror using reasoning. We begin with several ranged weapons, which aren’t really rifles, but used as tools reconverted for the occasion and used to deceive enemies, but the environment can also be used in combat due to the fact that it reacts differently to Kate’s tools.

Hence, combine the various elements available to create chemical reactions to use against the aliens. Running with the weapons drawn against the beasts won’t lead to any chance of success. Since Kate is a scientist, he can’t study the planet because of our ability to arouse, as we try to find that space, so we are able to find out a whole lot of objects. During the game, we will find ourselves looking up the objects and analysing them, to find out the history of the place in order to increase the Knowledge parameter, thus unlocking particular skills.

My name is the origin and the mechanics.

We’ll come to an interview with defender-divisioner Cvetkovic of Mad Head Games and answered our questions, without expecting a clue to the most interesting discoveries of the plot.

Everyeye.it: What is the point of what is the concept behind the Scars Above? We would like to know the reason why you’d like to write the title.

Dimitrije Cvetkovic: This idea came into the present three years ago, when we started thinking about our next big project, broadening the horizon towards something that would really inspire us while working, that would inspire us personally.

While the various conversations hung out, I learned how we had the most interest in the work.

There are many things that I’ve learned before: “Turning to Scars” As we got acquainted with a skill-tree with very pretty RPG-like characteristics, it’s interesting to know how to manage the difficulty of the title with this progression system. Will it be possible to complement our protagonist fully or will the experience of our players get us to choose a specific build?

There is no such thing as: in theoretical terms, there is a possibility of unlocking a skill or all. But the RPG elements of the title are secondary and we don’t give it too much attention.

The core of the game is to combine this skill to weapons, in fact even with a fully upgraded character you should be very careful during the fights with Kates weapon and smart gadgets. If it’s not for the good to maintain a good recollection, it will definitely be enough to continue, but the ability does not significantly contribute to that overall experience.

Everyeye.it: It looks like the shootings use natural materials such as fire, water and ice to find a good deal of value. Do these affect the crossover of the scenarios?

Dimitrije Cvetkovic: Fundamentally, the elements are used for the shooting, but due to some circumstances that I don’t want to anticipate, they affect the progression.

Everyeye.it: Let’s talk about the setting, is the one seen in the initial section the only alien planet, which can be explored, or will we see others? What can you tell us about the emergence of the Scars Above biomes in general?

Dimitrije Cvetkovic: I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I can say that there is only one planet called planets with very different biomes, not only visually, but also the sensations transmitted.

For example the audio changes from one area to another, although a certain amount of enemies are specific to each other, and thus the gameplay changes depending on the environment. Making this profound difference, we tried to make the gaming experience more varied.

Everyeye.it: In this game we don’t shoot but we look at the scenario so much that we can delve further into the game. We often stumble upon secondary roads that led to minor repairs and small knowledge cubes: Will this approach to the map open up to environmental puzzles, or in platform-like sections?

Dimitrije Cvetkovic: Yes, sometimes it may be difficult to pass on the point of making a mistake, but the focus will not be on the game, but the combat and the strategy to face the enemies. The use of Kate’s weapons and gadgets remains at the centre of the experience. Likewise there are some sections that could resemble an platformer, but also having a very limited movement repertoire for example, it’s not possible to jump but don’t offer really difficult challenges.

Those small suggestions give out more answers than those you wish for.

Everyeye.it: You don’t resemble anyone in the world, what can you tell us about the plot of Scars Above? The original trailers, and the introduction phase of the actual game, have the kind of narration mixed up with the style of the Alien saga, especially with the latest films like Prometheus. In line with this tradition, will the plot focus on ideas and symbols, or is it clearer and closer to this?

In terms of the symbols and metaphors, the characters have no idea if the characters have an experience of the story. The great theme that drives this book is the fundamental contrast between what we know and what remains unknown. We have all the elements familiar with Kate such as human technology and scientific in general, but are set in a dark and bad world. It is important to understand how she processes that adventure by posing in the dark and facing it.

Everyeye.it: Can we confirm that every question will be answered at the end of the game? Perhaps some elements remain in question?

Dimitrije Cvetkovic: Maybe someone can find some unresolved problems, but we tried to avoid the problem from the end, making sure the story is fine and complete.

Anybody’s interested to know more about monster design. After having played the early stages of the title, we only encountered two types of aliens, and a kind of mini-boss: what can you tell us about the monstrosities hiding on the planet?

Dimitrije Cvetkovic: The principle that guided monk design is the use of familiar life forms such as animals or insects, naturally present on Earth. They distort their life in different ways, creating alienating sensations. Even though you can look at the sketches present on the walls, you can see how we used quadrupeds as animals and wolves, and then we have deformed their characteristic aspects. A dilated head and abdomen example conveys the void of a mutation. I can anticipate that you will face a very large enemy, but some will be able to fly, some will be able to change the attitude of Kates.

Everyeye.it: How long does the Scars Above experience last?

Dimitrije Cvetkovic: Obviously, longevity depends on the interest of the player to explore every corner of the planet, although there’s a main road to follow, and there are no secondary objectives, but the shareable interval is between 10 and fifteen hours.

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