The Riftbreaker Update 2000.024 for Stability Fixes This January 2nd, please


EXOR Studios has introduced the Riftbreaker update 1.000.024 for some small changes and several fixations for stability. You can see the full Riftbreaker issue from December 2 below.

The Riftbreaker Update 1.000.024 Patch Notes | The Riftbreaker January 2 Patch Notes:

We just released a small stability update for this game. It has solved several crashes in various areas of the game. If you had a major crash in any of the areas in the changelog, try out this version, especially if it’s going to fix your problems.

  • In addition to implementing the crafting system, there were several crashes.
  • Fixed a crash which occurred after being jumped onto different maps in Campaign Mode (it seems like the same thing we did last time, but it’s a different crash!
  • Fixed the accident in the Blueprint Component Manager.
  • Immediately after the game, the crash in State Machine Transistion System occurred.
  • Fixed skybox blending at night.
  • Fixed an error with skybox mipmap generation.

This build has no game or content changes. The Riftbreaker has not finished yet.

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