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The robot whose name is called Tesla humanoid tries to do yoga, already knows how to get the weight on his leg, Aroged

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And also robots are already in the sport.

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Elon Musk shared a hippo-crack video of Tesla’s humanoid robot, but now its seems to have the same great control of its limbs as that of a yoga class and even a yoga class.

In the video, the Tesla Bot (or Optimus) is said to be able to locate their arms and legs using vision and a built-in neural network.

He now can sand her arms and legs according to the video.

The bot in the demonstration, also successfully collected and removed the blocks, and also looked straighten them into the colored pieces, which is important, even though human obstacles are very strong.

Tesla first announced the launch of robots in 2021, and then explained that they would be friendly and shaped the manufacturing business.

And since the live version of the show of the following year was somewhat disappointing (one made the move for the right time, but the other stood up and just waved to the audience), automakers video presentations were always noted (for example, current or previous, where the Tesla robots confidently threw through the workshops with Cybertruck). That is how the work works out in real life, although competitors aren’t sleeping now, Apollo presented its own version of humanoid robots and Agility Robotics opened a manufacturing plant for the production of the Digit robots (and even their hands are more like paws or mittens).

Laptops: from bulky to invisible.

The movement is fluid and the aesthetic is impressive, wrote Jim Fan, a senior artificial intelligence scientist at the University of Stanford, as part of the video.

While holding the 2022 event, Musk said that this was the first time that Optimus prototype had flown without any support.

The robot can actually do far more than we showed you. We just didn’t want it to fall on its face, Elon added.

That robot was previously sold for about 250,000 dollars, and future iterations could go on a cheap route.

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