The RTX 4070 Ti (Performance) number is 0072


Let’s be honest, this new information isn’t all big news, because the RTX 4070 Ti is actually a different name, as well as the RTX 4080 12GB, after many complaints from the consumer. Even though it’s not surprising how good that card is, the NVIDIA compared it to the old woman RTX 3080.

As a result, the new RTX 4070 Ti, with the active Ray-Tracing, will probably be capable of providing a performance – 350% higher than the old 30-80. The fact is they really impress.

NVIDIA has revealed official number for the RTX 4070 Ti (Performance) (RTX) (Ti).

I’m still less than a week away from the official announcement of the new RTX 4070 Ti, which then presumably should be presented side-by-side with the new RTX 4070. Even though the fact is unknown, NVIDIA France has decided to publish some official information is likely to misunderstood, which means it will finally paint the future of a new generation of RTX 40 products.

That said, the RTX 4070 Ti comes with 7680 CUDA cores, a 2.61GHz boost clock and 12GB of GDDR6X memory. In a board with a (very) unappealing price, take into account the market, it’s a average of 800-1000 dollars.

What does she think about this new generation from NVIDIA, too? We can see a big price exaggeration under the price level? Is a card worth more than 1000 bucks? Where’s the limit? Will that be a sales success?


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