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The Samsung CU8070 65in TV is available now for just £489.99, a reduction of over £500

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If you’re in the UK and looking for a TV, then you need to check out the Samsung CU8070 65 inch TV now. There are 14 pieces in stock, according to Amazon, and each can be picked up for just £489.99 – although not marked as a deal, a price history site shows that this model started at £999.99 in March 2023 and has steadily dropped to its current lowest price of £489.99 .

Aside from all the great features you can read about below, one of the best things about this TV is the SolarCell remote that comes included. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to be replacing the fuzzy little triple-A batteries in my Fire TV remote. With the SolarCell remote, however, you don’t need batteries anymore, as it is charged using a solar panel on the back.

The highlights of this TV are as follows:

  • 4K Ultra HD HDR viewing with Dynamic Crystal Color – Experience 64x more color than other TVs with our Ultra HD TV with Dynamic Crystal Color, for a sharp LED picture that dazzles you. Our TV provides over a billion shades.
  • Cinematic Object Tracking Sound and Samsung TV Q-Symphony – Jump right into the action with Samsung TVs. Our UHD TV comes with object tracking sound for an immersive audio experience. Connect a Samsung sound bar for the ultimate in home entertainment audio.
  • Ultra HD TV and gaming TV with built-in games console for free – save on a console with Samsung Game Hub. Samsung TVs can instantly connect to Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia and more. Simply plug in a controller for instant console-free gaming on your TV.
  • Smart TV streaming and built-in Alexa – Watch iPlayer, Netflix, Prime and more at the touch of a button with our Samsung TV. Also with Bluetooth, HDMI and WiFi connection, with multiple voice assistance, control has never been so easy.
  • Always remember to check the label – does your box say CU8000? Don’t worry, the CU8070 Smart 4K TV belongs to the CU8070 TV class as an advanced model! They use the same style of box, but the CU8070 is a different TV. Check the Amazon label.

As a Samsung TV, you know you’ll be getting a quality product, and starting at £1,000, this is a pretty premium TV available at a much more reasonable price despite only being a year old. Given that we’ve been holding on to televisions for a decade or more, what’s the harm of one year? Especially when you save more than half the price.

Be sure to browse as well Amazon USA, Amazon UK and Newegg USA to find some other great tech deals. Also, check out the specials section of our articles to see if there’s anything we’ve posted in the last few days that might be of interest.

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