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The Scarlet Nexus Brain is back to Handling the Tales series Aroged

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After being submerged for a long time without clarity, the public and the popular characters have grown to a reputation. Even though the series is a lot of criticism in many aspects, especially when it comes to Tales as a whole at its earliest days, it is likely to sell millions of copies in a few short months. Bandai Namco, as one of the founders of JRPG games, hasn’t yet talked about the future of this franchise. But a really interesting thing? He had just returned the veteran.

After being busy with the latest action RPG title Scarlet Nexus, Kenji Anabuki, a veteran of Tales, has some interesting news. Anabuki revealed in his latest interview that he has returned to Tales and is leading them. He says that the development of Scarlet Nexus provided him with new knowledge and experience that he would use in the forthcoming Tales series. He hopes fans of this show will help him while traveling.

The tenth book of horror novels was written by the director.

Unfortunately, Anabuki didn’t have enough information about the Tales series he is currently studying. Anabuki also worked on the series Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Xillia, Tales of Vesperia, and Tales of Abyss. How about you? What do I have to do to look forward to reading the next series?

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