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The Sea of Thieves Season 10 now includes guild updates and combat updates, prepare for a new voyage. Later on, it will introduce PvE mode along with the first voyage in season 4

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There’s finally an end to the season in Sea of Thieve owing more than three months. During the summer break, Season 10 began rolling out today. As an additional feature now it will come with other new features in November and private PvE is coming to be discontinued soon!

A new guilds function gives captain players the ability to form a faction of other leaders and regular ones for an exclusive set with rewards, followed by combat updates that seek from improved hit registration.

In November, players can expect to arrive of Skull of Siren Song journeys. This is competitive adventure that trains crew’re trying a rare artifact first in yelling time or two against each other and then returning them into their quest for an order outage instead! In December, safer seas is opening. This will displace vast majority of a new and existing feature such as the bulk of the landsandboxed and reduce players’ prestige by 30% to 50% What fun.

The new seasons patch notes provide all the well-known details players could want from their current slate, while also of full trailers that are crowded with content.

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