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The second installment of a new Gameplay trailer, Silent Hope Opens Pre-Orders

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Marvelous Inc. and XSEED Games released a new trailer for Silent Hope this week, revealing its release date. This trailer explains the characters you’ll play and interact with as you go into an adventure with those misfits. We learned that the game will be available in the United States on October 3 for Nintendo Switch and PC and can be played by Steam in the United States. As a bonus for those who voluntarily make orders and pay early bird purchases within the first week of launch, get the “Spension on Weapons and Amphibits” DLC, which will be free for one week from start to finish, and then cost everyone else another $1.

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What hope is the God of humanity in a world with words? Despite the events, the Princess liarously mourned the aforesaid father, and weprayed untiedly until she heard her sorrow in a magical teardrop. Even as the world’s long-lost King dies again after the loss of the renewals, seven heroes reshape the monarch with new powers, to hold the crown from their iced prison. To restore their life, they must brave the suffocation of The Abyss to find the long-lost King and free the queen from her crystalline prison.

“Silent Hopeharkens back to its glory days with modern features and traditional dungeons. Players will be assigned the role of seven unlikely heroes, each with their own unique weapon, fighting style and non-combat work. After spending their days battling enemies and collecting material in the Abyss, the heroes return to Base Camp to craft more equipment, improve gear and relax for their next adventure. As the battle takes in the desert, the battle is inevitable. If you look at The Abyss, your evasion by contingency is inevitable.

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