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The smart toilet for $11,500 is for Alexa, please flush!

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Smartphones are an indispensable part of today’s life. The small computers with touchscreens come with a Walkman, dictionary, telephone, library, television with a video recording recorder and camera all together and fit into any small pocket. Cell phones are just some wonder devices, which hadn’t been thought possible just a few decades ago. Since the turn of the television set quickly began to build a multi-media center and smart homes, which open the garden door for the postman, and open the oven just as the time is when breakfast is re-doing. While we have looked at the past few years and the past, we find that one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments is a safe toilet.

What functions does a smart toilet provide?

The US company Kohler recently launched a very special product. The Numi 2.0 is an extremely stylish bathroom throne. It reads all your needs by voice. But you’re probably not a bit scared, because you still have to do the paperwork yourself. But other than that, the Smart Toilet offers many functions that make everyday life a futuristic experience.

The shard of light is a cigarette. Thanks to the RGB technology you can adapt the built-in illumination to your emergency needs. This makes it possible to emphasize the individual phase of a session by contrasting lighting patterns. Integrated speakers can make noise by unwinding noise of the noise in the air.

Other functions: This is the smart toilet Numi 2.0.

With Numi 2.0 it’s even possible for Alexa to regulate the temperature of the toilet seat. A UV-coloured filter prevents harmful lime-scale deposits and disinfects the hair dryer. If it is important to get some documents on a business meeting, you can switch to the dual flush function with extra pressure.

The Nmi 2.0 smart toilet is the product of the top-class industry. You must pay a whopping 11,500 US dollars for that futuristic sounding thunder bar. A clean toilet has a sanitary status symbol which can be manifested to you after the install.

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