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The Sony PSVR 2 PC adapter has been confirmed in Korea, which may signal its release soon

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earlier this year. Sony announced that it is “currently testing the ability of PS VR2 players to access additional games on PC.” Today it was revealed that a hardware adapter for the PlayStation 5 virtual reality headset has just been approved by a regulatory body.

Specifically, the Korean Research Agency has Publish a certification list (Through TechRadar) for what is labeled as “PlayStationVR2 PC adapter.” This seems to indicate that Sony has created a hardware device that will allow the PSVR 2 to connect to a computer.

If the certification list is any indication, Sony may officially reveal the PSVR 2 adapter for PC in the very near future. Sony did say earlier this year that it wanted to add PC support for PSVR 2 sometime in 2024.

The Korean certification listing does not include any pictures or information at all about the PSVR 2 PC adapter. It also does not indicate a possible price for the product.

Sony launched the PSRV2 in February 2023 as an exclusive accessory for the PS5 console. It had a launch price of $549.99, which was more expensive than the console itself. Since then, there have been credible reports that the headphones did not sell well in its first two years. Indeed, a more recent report claimed that Sony has actually paused production of new PSVR 2 units so that it can sell off its current inventory.

Releasing a PC adapter could allow Sony to sell more PSVR 2 units, and allow the headset to access the larger library of VR games and apps available on the PC platform.

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