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2123: The Xbox is getting better.

The Monday letter page thinks Sony makes a lot of horizon games, as one reader is surprised by Japan’s favourite Final Fantasy.

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The year 2010 for XboxSo 2022 is over, and I will only think that 2023 was my first time. As a X/S owner of the Xbox series, I can’t pretend to be very good this year. Of course there have been plenty of games, but none of them are because of anything Microsoft has done. The game passes is always down to them, but that doesn’t mean much for the first day as no one gets free to play the first game.

Starfield is coming up next year, which I really like the most, but I am still worried about not having a date yet, which means the more delays aren’t possible. I realize that this year’s most remarkable wasn’t because of all the announcements at the Game Awards, but it’s definitely one of the most encouraging things I do about 2023.

Hopefully this means that Microsoft is planning for games they announced years ago, but have never shown, like Fable, Senuas Saga: Hellblade 2, Avowed 2, The Outer Worlds 2, and Perfect Dark. Show those who have gameplay and announce the date of release and you’re suddenly in charge of the movie and the timing. It’s possible for Sony to answer the questions by phone and play The Last Of Us play free.

As a fanboy I think that any of that is guaranteed, but I worry that Microsoft will end up staying too quiet for too long. They arguably have already, but they should have enough in reserve now that they can make a splash. I’m just hoping they don’t get distracted by the Activision-Blizzard acquisition, that’s really starting to feel like more trouble than its worth.

More about HorizonThere’s going to be an interactive game like that already? I hate to agree with the Readers Feature week. But Sony may be a little too crazy when it comes to this film. I have enjoyed the last two games good enough, but they’re almost all graphics and pretty little game. To play one every five years is fun but these twins are not really exciting? I do not really know that.

Even though they’ve squandered a cool backstory on such boring characters, it seems that they don’t have a particular experience of Guerrilla Games. If they continue to do this, they really need to get some better writers. That’s not just a criticism; you always want the best person for this work, and at the moment it seems obvious they need more assistance. Either way, or stick with action games with very little story.

Frame rate comparison I’ve just encountered the most annoying glitch in a long time. In a side missions in God Of War Ragnarok, you must put a gulon in a cage, which you use to feed a drake. For a long time, I couldn’t get one of them into the cage due to invisible barrier syndrome. He wouldn’t pass through that, even though there’s obviously a gap. After hours of grouch, I took a turn on the internet.

If you have the high frame rate, the cage will not open when hit the device with the axe, so err you drop it so that the poor tv will let the reticle be able to move in without apology. Just thinks everything’s fine. I heard the hare have tore him to shreds, fortunately from the roar I heard the shriek.Wonk has tore tor a shred.

Lock downI agree with reader Hypos feature on performance modes. Being a type of man is constantly stressing about if I didn’t have the right choice. The modes always did what they said. However, the truth is that it isn’t always. Many games have low 60fps frames in performance, creating a slow motion. In the 30fps mode then sometimes a smoother, more consistent image — because it can be locked. So gamers who automatically jump to performance mode will end up having less fun.

I’m only waiting for the answer; but if it means reading forums and watching Digital Foundry videos, to decide which mode is better for you, the answer is not much more or less surprising. I wish developers decided to follow that. Some games work with 30fps if frame rate is locked and frame timing consistent, then the motion blur can look far better than an inconsistent 60fps. For 60fps games developers need to reduce the quality of graphics so they can keep their frame rate out of their frames. PjDonnelli is doing that instead of a false impression.

I think its too late. Just saw the poll of Japanese fans and its favourite fantasy is fourteen, so I never played anything. As if it wasn’t anticlimactic enough, second favourite was the super predictable 7 and third, which I thought was awful.

Final Fantasy 6 at number four was excellent, but 12 was no longer in the top 10 of the rankings. I cannot tell these info. To say that just that, I like different things about that series than Japanese fans. At least the bad 15 was at number 10, thus at least we agreed on it.

Time for changesI didn’t expect Ash and Pikachu to leave Pokemon to make the mainstream news! After watching the show for a long time, I was still humming Viridian City and was more and more enthusiastically surprised by what I knew a bit like this as a kid.

I can’t understand why it’s happening entirely from a creative perspective. Why, more specifically, now? Historically, Pokemon TV series has been unavoidable for generations of viewers bringing in new characters and creatures, but the foundation of the premise is always that it’s about Pakachu and Ash.

Persistent failure imposes the narrative, but status quo has been established for 25 years; point of change was certainly much earlier. As a way to say, The Simpsons decided that the next series will focus on a different family in Springfield after 34 seasons. They like to change.

While Ash was acceptable, now it may be retired because of his design, in which he had a gameboy sprite that has since changed dramatically; Pikachu is one of the most recognized video game characters of all time and basically a de facto mascot for Pokemon.

Consider that continuing the series without him becoming a regular person seems to be a very bizarre decision. I wondered why Pikachu was a tyrant of anime in Scarlet/Violet, but in reality, he’d be less prominent in that franchise now.

GC: Perhaps the viewership was down. Everybody’s talking about it.

It doesn’t suckThanks for the review of Vampire Survivors. I haven’t stopped playing it all day, and there’s definitely that new look.

I played it on my iPad, and I am learning how this is free. I would’ve paid for that. Keep the simple fact that I can’t imagine playing it on the phone with a small screen and all the actions you think you might lose.

So, please thoroughly recommend this to anyone who’s tired while a couple of hours away. ZiPPi is a free online app.

New York Times, The Counties and the New York Times, in which I sread much of Tomb Raider’s memories are now mixed. It is not my view that these games have just got easier, but rather better graphics. Neither franchise or anything like this has done any real innovation in years and the usual go-to, like open world, doesn’t seem to be giving it a boost.

I think the story I’m able to use is true. I’ve enjoyed most of the two series before, yet even I have a sloppy time to tell you what’s happening in them. Lara caused the death of the Earth and then had to stop some others from becoming god. Tom and I have been hunting for pirate treasure.

There was a hard way to add some family drama in both of the two family, with Nates brothers and Laras family but im sure that I’m not the only one to care about. All the sudden the next set piece will be more difficult and of course so the worst movies are made. If you don’t watch a map over the next mountain, it’s better fun to play these games.

As well as inbox, another great review of a forgotten game with Drainus, GC. I downloaded and played that and I adored it completely. I hadn’t heard of it before and knew that he could have found it.

GC: I appreciate it.

Who would have thought that there would be a Death Stranding movie before a Metal Gear movie? Can’t wait to see the overlong interactive segments which last forever and keep you going to watch that movie.

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