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The Stream Team: Guild Wars 2 is the birthplace of the planetary stars

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Play Guild Wars 2Massively OPs MJ discovered she is no longer in Kansas. She never was, but she was in Guild Wars 2s Garenhoff where she investigated the loss of the Wizards Tower. Now, she is lost in an alternate, totally obsessive version called Wizards Ascent, trying to gain his respect on what happened in Secrets of the Obscure. The next step on this journey is Mother of Stars. Yes, that’s not the name of a band. I have to explain why it was a band.

What: Guild Wars 2. Who: MJ Guthrie When: 8 o’clock. EDT on Monday, August 29th 2023, on Monday, August 22nd.

Enjoy the show!

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August 29, 2023, 2383.

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