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The success of Baldurs Gate 3 will hopefully allow devs to compete on ambitious games similar to this one

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The CEO, who achieved massive success with the Baldurs Gate 3 project, explained it could allow the entire company and industry to make more similar, ambitious games.

Swen Vincke shared how proud he is after developing Baldurs Gate 3 which has received the best PC gamers reviews in the last 16 years. The CEO believes that the company could continue to play like that.

Without trusting my team, we cannot believe it is actually happening. But all this, the great thing is, we can continue to do the same thing. I know they are risky and ambitious and people get bored but everything is different. Bg3s https://t.co/aTTcWW5PeB

Swen Vincke between ten and five o’clock (@LarAtlarian) August 17, 2023.

Vincke acknowledged that making such titles as Baldurs Gate 3 is risky, and some things don’t always work out. He is not concerned that going for ambitious projects worth it, and the success of the latest title Larians proves that there is room for them.

Although making these games isn’t easy feat and takes a lot of time, the development timeline of Baldurs Gate 3 is a proof of successful success. The production was first teased a week before E3, 2019. According to the PC Gamer, Larian and the new owner gained the rights to the first release of the Legendary Sin 2 franchise sometime in Sept. 2017, when Divinity: Origins were released. The RPG enumerated itself in about six years.

Some gaming studios take more time creating triple-A titles, a trend that has been growing as the technology behind games becomes more complex, and as players take more risks from their experiences. The Elder Scrolls: Blades, for example, is coming out Sept. 6 and the latest game that Bethesda Game Studios has developed before, is a game called The Elder Scrolls: Blades, released in March 2019.

We haven’t been all for it. We remember in Baldurs Gate when we ate the last time we wished for the same fun as we did in the third. Nevertheless, if his success is to inspire other devs to take an ambitious approach to games, we couldn’t support them more.

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