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FromSoftware have not only sat in their laurels since last years launch of their super-hyped, and successful Elden Ring. Since the first digits of Armored Core, it has been nearly 10 years, and since the last digits has been much more than once. Was time shifted to The Software, right? We spent some time fighting a great deal of robots, and we have to read the report on that issue at the end of the review.

Make a difference.

The player controls an animated human called C4-621. He is locked in indentured servitude to a handler, named Walter, and is now fighting in the interests of the right to earn freedom. There’s a mystical substance called Coral, that corporations fight for, but considering that youre a mercenary, you’ll basically just fight for whoever offers the most money. The story is probably in the mainstream media, and although it doesn’t feature much innovative narrative, it’s passable and mecha fans will probably be happy with it. We may not know if it was simply to get big-ass robots.

That the Armored Core 6smain draw is in its title. The mecha in this series is called Armored Cores, and are coming in a lot of different shapes and sizes. The smaller ones are quicker and more nimble, but with less armor, and the larger ones are actually the reverse. There are even tetrapod models that have four legs and more importantly the same effect as the tetrapod swatches. Mecha fans will be most satisfied with the different types of vehicles to choose from, and finding the right mix of attributes to really complement their play style.

The prettiest are not the prettiest.

Armored Core VI is, graphically, a little underwhelming. Everything was fine, but the game looked old. The earmarked cores are not fully detailed, but this world is a play set. It seems, now, in the opposite direction, that most things look a little little but doesn’t support a simple nature-driven strategy. The entire campaign carries heavy recycling of assets. This does mean the game is smooth, so ray tracing is merely an option in the garage, rather than the area where you can build the construct.

Combat in Advanced Core 6 is around the same size it is as you think. Each armored core has 4 slots to place weapons or shields. Each limb can be fired either independently or independently. You’re a bit busy with your control than a lot of action games, but again this is the piloting of complex vehicles that we talked about. Weapons range from pistols and energy-seads to heavy machine guns, launchers, laser weapons, etc. There are, however, defensive options like shields, but most players won’t accept those options. The best defense sometimes is a well-trained defense.

Explode Seven Times. Retry Eight Times.

FromSoftware is perhaps better known nowadays for its easy-to-make action RPGs such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and of course Elden Ring. The games were invented even after Demons began to live. Some things they did just got me out of bed a bit later. The players aren’t particularly strong standard enemies. Most of them do not do much damage to them. Boss fights, but are these typical FromSoftware fare and will kick your ass repeatedly until you get a better build.

But that’s a big joke: try, try, try again, until you find the right building that is mixed with proper tactics to finally beat those bosses who just a few minutes ago seemed hardly impossible to fall. Every penny starts to run into something and the entire thing has to do if it isn’t to bring it a thing.


No matter what their most recent titles are, Armored Core 6 does not make use of any kind of co-op. Your multiplayer options are limited to only competitive battles, and the feature needs to be unlocked by the end of chapter 3. This guarantees that anyone you face presumably knows what they’re doing, because defeating most bosses requires careful analysis into the game mechanics. The lack of co-op would mean you will 100% alone in Armored Core 6, which suits the theme of the story, but may affect the games accessibility.

This genre isn’t really spoiled for choice, of course. The latest entry of The venerable series shows that FromSoftware learned a lot while the developers were busy on other games. Solid combat physics and endless customization options fit well with the right stories to get the right idea to produce a linear action game to suit everyone’s needs. It is probably not its most accessible game, but rewards people who stick with it and tweak their builds until they become victories.

Score: 8/10


  • There are lots of customization options.
  • The boss is a good defense and fights for good.
  • Rewarding combat


  • It’s not all that creative.
  • There is no co-op.
  • Graphically underwhelming

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