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The Tesla has left to hiring and is preparing a new wave of cuts

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In the second quarter, employees of Tesla’s electric vehicle manufacturer expect to continue to layoff, according to a report by a reputable source. In addition to the announcement of the soon to be announced, the company announced a new hiring moratorium to employees.

Source: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic.

In June of this year the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, announced the upcoming reduction in employees of the company within 10 months. As a result, a temporary ban was introduced in all branches of the company. This brought out concerns over the possibility that the development of new Tesla programs could slow, given the need for thousands of people to be hired at new factories in the US and Germany. It began the new hire in the half of the year, but then the company quickly lifted the ban.

It’s not yet clear at this time how long this new hiring moratorium will last, since Tesla will need more workers heading forward due to plans to expand some manufacturing equipment. There are no further details about this now.

Teslas unpopular measures, which could possibly be due to a drop in shares over the course of the year, had to be taken because the company’s financial performance swelled quarterly. The lower cost, partly due to the global economic crash in 2022.

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